My 17 year journey along the path of conscious awakening began when i left my home shores of Australia in 1996 & spent the majority of my twenties travelling & exploring the vast cultural & spiritual diversity of our planet. The further from my own culture i travelled, the more questions arose within me. And so began the inevitable unwinding of all of my previously accepted conditioned beliefs. And the beginning of my life's passion & heart purpose. The exploration of a higher, universal truth. Beyond individual & collective mind.

And so birthed my quest for the truth within.



I found my first yoga teacher in London at the ripe age of 23,a gentle & wise Siddha Yoga guru with whom i studied fervently for a year. He opened me deeply into the world of yoga, teaching me not only asana, but primarily opening me to the depth & spirit essence of yoga practise. After every class we would chant mantra & practise meditation & he would give us extensive Satsang on all areas of Yoga Philosophy. He would sit patiently with me into the late hours of the night, satiating the endless questions of my opening mind. I am eternally grateful to this gracious being, & all that blossomed from his inspiration & unconditional Love.

My evolving spiritual curiosity & passion then led me to continue to travel & live in various parts of Asia, including a year long exploration of India, where I experienced a variety of yoga traditions, immersing myself in practices, ashrams & spiritual retreats, teachings, courses & explorations. I travelled & read & sat at the feet of endless teachers, so curious to learn & grow & understand.

Upon returning to Australia, many years later, i immersed myself in 7years of  rigorous study, passionately exploring many aspects of the body/mind/spirit connection. An emerging knowing had begun to arise within me, that the body was an intricate map of the mind & a tool for deep transformation. I began to understand the nature of pain & disease in the body as being the voice of our core spirit, speaking to us of our alignment or misalignment with its truth. And this realisation fueled my thirst to understand this concept in depth.

I embarked upon a 2year yoga teacher training in a Taoist Yoga Therapy known as Ki Yoga, that explored the physical, mental & emotional effects of asana, in conjunction with the meridian system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. And then continued my exploration, studying a variety of forms of bodywork including Kinesiology, Shiatsu, Remedial Massage Therapy, Energy Healing , Vibrational Medicine & Movement Meditation, among others. And throughout this time, my relationship with my own bodymind was deepening in my exploration of my own  personal yoga & meditation practise. I continued to study with a variety of excellent yoga teachers in a myriad of traditions.

Sacred Dance Meditation

And throughout this journey....i danced! I have always danced. With all this intellectual absorption & consistent mental questioning & philosophising & attempt to figure it all out with my mind, the dancefloor was the one place where i could be completely free!

I didnt consider it to be a spiritual practice at first. It was just a delicious slice of time & space where i could let everything go. Where i could effortlessly release all the tension from my body & my mind & soar high into the bliss of being totally & completely immersed in the moment. And i LOVED it!!!

Ever since i was a little girl i would shut myself in my room & blast my favourite tunes & move my body to bliss. As i grew older, the dancefloor became my church. Every weekend i would find myself on an earth dancefloor, under the moon, surrounded by the open bush & fellow dance disciples & dance endlessly until sunrise and beyond.

It was one morning, in India, when i fully realised the spiritual immensity of dance as meditation. I was on a beautiful open dancefloor on the beach, where a dj that was renowned for his epic, non-stop dj-ing feats, was playing into his 36th hour , & so was I.  I had barely rested, having danced continuously throughout his entire set! Stopping only for a quick dip in the ocean, or for a freshly squeezed juice from the chai mama's, perched on their grass mats under the palm trees. I had ingested no stimulants, hardly any food, & had had no sleep for 2days, & i was indescribably high!!! My vision & hearing had become crystal clear. My heart had burst wide & my body had completely melted open, ecstatically surrendered, blissfully entranced & moving entirely beyond my control. Pure, natural ecstasy coarsed through my veins & radiated from every cell. I felt indescribably Alive & Free! My mind was unbelievably clear, a clean empty vessell that was receiving everything around it, in its original purity. I was overcome by a deeply overwhelming state of ecstatic unconditional love & compassion that brought me to tears. I felt such infinite & indescribable pure love, like i had never known, for Everyone & Everything!! I felt like i couldnt express this Love enough! I wanted to give all of myself away to everything. To Love beyond measure. I experienced such a deep deep sense of calm & wholeness that felt impenetrable. And i found myself in a place of immediate manifestation. I would know what people where about to do before they did it. I would think something & it would happen immediately afterward. I was both deeply grounded & floating on air all at once & I was in immeasurable awe at the miracle of Life. This peak state lasted for about another 12hours before i finally surrendered  to sleep. My ecstatically altered  perception lingered over the following days but slowly returned to normalcy.

I have not experienced such an extended peak state since, nor have i danced for that long a period of time.

But from that moment on, i knew the power of Dance. Effortless, direct & beyond all the illusory avenues of the mind. I  knew this was my way.

I began exploring many courses & styles of conscious movement....Butoh, BodyMindCentring, Gabrielle Roth's 5 rhythms, Trance Dance, Ecstatic Dance, Kundalini Dance etc. etc. But despite deeply enjoying these explorations, i knew dance meditation was not something that i needed to learn, intellectually or otherwise. It is innate, it is in my blood, in all of our blood & all i needed to do was to continue to practice getting out of the way.

Each time i dance, i taste the divine experience in a microcosmic form. Each time i dance, this portal, this gateway to the present moment bursts open. My bodymind begins to empty, sweats from my pores, & fresh lifeforce, pure spirit floods in. Dance Meditation is indeed, the experience of Stillness in Motion.

Alchemystic YogaDance

I went on to teach yoga & to practise bodywork in Sydney, Australia, for 5yrs. I started up my own business  "Nataraja Healing" & eventually began writing & teaching the movement meditation courses that are now known as Alchemystic YogaDance -

"Dance of The Tao" - an embodied exploration of the Chinese Meridian System &

"Dance of the Serpant" - an embodied exploration of the Indian Chakra System. 

The courses are an amalgamation of all that i learnt & experienced in my studies, practices & internal experiences, utilising yoga , dance & vibrational energy techniques, to open the bodymind & create direct experiences of the energy bodies.

My vision was to create experiential awareness of these realms, going beyond mere intellectual interpretation & to create direct pathways to experiencing ourselves as infinite Spirit.

In 2007 i ventured  back out on the road where i travelled & lived in the United States, Thailand & Taiwan teaching Yoga & Alchemystic YogaDance. I currently live in Bali, Indonesia , teaching yoga & dance meditation at The Yoga Barn. (www.theyogabarn.com)


The Sacred Feminine 

My twenties were about adventuring,learning & exploring outside of myself. My thirties have been about adventuring, learning & exploring inside of myself. This inner journey has been teaching me so much about Surrender, Trust, Acceptance, Open-ness, Divine Reception, Being with Emotion, Unconditional Love, Divine Sexuality......

In other words, i have been plunging into what i now have come to recognise, as the depths of the Divine Feminine. This journey has both deepened Her opening in me & shown me all the places where i have hardened Her softness , shut down Her open-ness & mistrusted Her wisdom.

And in this now, i find myself smack bang in the middle of a huge shift, a rising .....something!! Deeply within me, within all of us, rising to the surface of the collective consciousness, She is rising. And many women are feeling it. An opening of the gateways within, feeling into an ancient, innate, re-membered perspective within us. A knowing within us, integrating through us. Of the true nature of us as Feminine Spiritual beings & what that really means.


As i reflect, i begin to realise that our paths have been so moulded by a predominantly masculine spiritual principle, for so long, that we have lost so much of our own unique way. From the most obvious cultural & religious examples, to the most subtle of spiritual principles, sewn within the fabric of our constructed collective consciousness. Even within the most non-religious of sacred spiritual teachings, we find a predominance of masculine principles, that focus , often entirely one-sidedly, on the spirit within the unmanifest, & do not recognise or worship the spirit alive within all divine creation manifest. Spiritual paths focused entirely on rejecting & transcending the physical realms. That focus on the emptiness & stillness of Spirit unmanifest, but not on the fullness & flow of lifeforce itself, Spirit essence manifesting as all form.

These teachings offer us only half of a path. The majority of the spiritual teachers & yogis of voice that we are exposed to & inspired by, have been men, not surprising really, as it feels that it is the masculine energy within us that drives us to be teachers & leaders & place ourselves in positions of power & assertive change . The voice of the divine mother speaks such a different language. Of reception, opening, feeling, surrendering, emoting, allowing, nurturing, transforming, alchemising. 

Both masculine & feminine energies are within us all. Are the dual aspects of Life itself. Shakti & Shiva , Prakriti & Purusha, Yin & Yang.

In the interest of harmony & balance, it feels strongly that this is the time for the depth of the feminine to be truly & authentically felt, heard,, seen & understood now.

So that our masculine & feminine aspects are able to truly know themselves & each other, in order to harmoniously integrate, both within ourselves & in relationship with each other & our earth.

In re embodying the divine feminine principles we recognise that divinity is found both within & without. So that we come back to seeing her, feeling her & respecting her, all around us. Seeing & invoking the God/ Goddess in all beings. Respecting & healing the damage we have created to our Mother Earth, & to each other. Re opening our hearts to each other fully, embodying Spirit Here & Now.

Embodying a balanced spirituality. Balancing discipline with flow, emptiness with fullness, witness consciousness with heart felt compassion, strength with vulnerabilty,  manifestation with surrender.

Spirit Ascencion with Spirit Descension - to Integrate as One, in this divine form.

In many of the eastern philosophies & practices, Shakti, is still so often associated with Maya, an illusion, seen only as an impermanent distraction, something to be overcome, detached from, controlled. Where feeling & emotion are seen not as divine tools for deep informative insight, but only as a disruption to stillness to be controlled & transcended, rather than felt & investigated to their root. This has the potential to create both gross & subtle streams of split & divide within, of confusion, subtle guilt , of suppression & squashed authenticity.

And yet, as i move into solitudes grace, i feel my authentic heart's voice, there underneath all the conditioned philosophic principles that i have taken on as my own. Whispering voices found in meditations silence & the unwinding contractions of the muscles of my past, upon the sacred space of my yogamat & the dancefloor. 

I have begun exploring the path of Tantric Yoga, a deeply feminine path at essence, where spirit is felt through life, not beyond it. Where divine energy is felt , THROUGH the body. Where the body, the voice, the breath, sensuality, are all tools to the divine. Pathways to the portal of the present moment & the divine essence present in all things. It seems there are dual streams of teachings concerning Tantric Sexuality. Some are influenced predominantly by a male oriented perspective, centered around the more patriachal indian principles that focus on a Yang style control & sublimation of sexual energy. And then there are more feminine influenced teachings , birthed & translated directly from the Devi's. These centre around experiencing & embodying the vastness of our sexual energy in full surrender. Surrendering to its inherent power & direct connection to spirit, that exist within the deep opening that is at the heart of sacred feminine sensuality & sexuality. I have been exploring the latter path.  The deepest teachings have opened in my own practical exploration of the principles & practices, & in hands on exploration of the masculine & the feminine principles in relationship.

 The feminine path has such a different essence, at the full depth of our authentic way of connecting to spirit as women. We are dancers, we are feelers, we are expressors, we are moving, roaring spirit beings of light!!

We are in the midst of the beginning of the unravelling of patriachal times into a new birth of divine masculine & feminine union. 

What does that mean for us? Who are we now?

At the deepest level ,we are One Spirit, beyond gender.

But in the manifest, here & now, what are we here to bring through as women? As the feminine force in the divine balance. What is our authentic voice, our natural way, our innate feminine path to the merging with the divine? As women do we truly know , feel, embrace, understand the divine feminine within us? As the proclaimed tipping points of 2012 & the age of aquarius come upon us , as paradigms shift, are we ready to service the change? If we are to bring the light do we truly know its nature within ourselves? Can we fully surrender? Can we soften the barriers around our hearts? Do we truly love unconditionally? Do we really know how to Be with our emotions in a way that feels them fully, honours them & yet doesnt identify with them or avoid or suppress them? Are we able to unconditionally love effectively in the face of attack, withdrawal, abuse? And are we able to reflect the wisdom of our feeling nature to others, without judgement or separation? Can we embody Kali still held in Love? What is the essence of the Divine Feminine? Who are we at our deepest hearts longing? Can we merge our self sufficient-masculine , doing-it-on-our-own selves , with a fully surrendered & open heart?
It is from these questions, realisations & explorations that Alchemystic YogaDance has birthed a new explorative work - "Dance of the Devi". In this course we explore Sacred Feminine Spiritual Practices, utilising many tools to directly access the Divine Feminine within us. From yoga of deep listening & sacred dance, to feminine tantric sexual techniques & sacred menstruation practices. "Dance of the Devi" is an expression of my deep desire to re connect women with the innate divine feminine aspect of their spiritual nature & re embody Her within & without. So that we may experience ourselves as balanced, whole & integrated beings of Infinite Consciousness & Love's Light.


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