Spirit Ascencion with Spirit Descension - 

to Integrate as One, in this divine form.

Dance of the Devi  was created as a space to explore the unique path of feminine spiritual principles in practice. Our paths have been so moulded by a predominantly masculine spiritual principle, for so long, that we, as women, have lost so much of our own unique way. From the most obvious cultural & religious examples, to the most subtle of spiritual principles, sewn within the fabric of our constructed collective consciousness. Even within the most non-religious of sacred spiritual teachings, we find a predominance of masculine principles, that focus , often entirely one-sidedly, on the spirit within the unmanifest, & do not recognise or worship the spirit alive within all divine creation manifest. Where emotion is seen not as a divine tool for deep informative insight but as a disruption to stillness to be controlled & transcended. Spiritual paths focused entirely on rejecting & transcending the physical realms. That focus on the emptiness & stillness of Spirit unmanifest, but not on the fullness & flow of lifeforce itself; Spirit essence manifesting as all form.

These teachings offer us only half of a path. The majority of the spiritual teachers & yogis of voice that we are exposed to & inspired by, have been men, not surprising really, as it feels that it is the masculine energy within us that drives us to be teachers & leaders & place ourselves in positions of power & assertive change . The voice of the divine mother speaks such a different language. Of reception, opening, feeling, surrendering, emoting, allowing, nurturing, transforming, alchemising. 

Both masculine & feminine energies are within us all. Are the dual aspects of Life itself. Shakti & Shiva , Prakriti & Purusha, Yin & Yang.In the interest of harmony & balance, it feels strongly that this is the time for the depth of the feminine to be truly & authentically felt, heard,, seen & understood now.So that our masculine & feminine aspects are able to truly know themselves & each other, in order to harmoniously integrate, both within ourselves & in relationship with each other & our earth.

In re embodying the divine feminine principles we recognise that divinity is found both within & without. So that we come back to seeing her, feeling her & respecting her, all around us. Seeing & invoking the God/ Goddess in all beings. Respecting & healing the damage we have created to our Mother Earth, & to each other. Re opening our hearts to each other fully, embodying Spirit Here & Now.

Embodying a balanced spirituality that merges discipline with flow, emptiness with fullness, witness consciousness with heart felt compassion, strength with vulnerabilty,  manifestation with surrender.

In Dance of the Devi, we focus on yoga, dance & movement & meditation practices, that connect us with the open-ness, sensory awareness, receptivity, surrender & radiance of the Divine Feminine aspect of ourselves. Exploring ancient & contemporay yogic & tantric principles within the body, we discover how to connect with & understand the vast & largely suppressed & misunderstood Sacred Feminine Principle within ourselves.

In the 7day retreat, we explore such topics as:

    * What is the Sacred Feminine

    * History of Women in Spirituality & the current re-emergence of Feminine Spiritual   

       Practice in an over-masculinised society.

    * Exploring the dual aspects of Masculine & Feminine Energies within.

    * Exploring Feminine Spiritual Practices

    * Study of Goddesses/Deities/ Dakinis 

       (Egyptian/ Hindu/ Greek/ Buddhist/ Pagan)

    * Tantric Sexuality Practices for Women

    * Sacred Menstruation

    * Cultivating Shakti - Exercises & Practices

    * Sacred Feminine Dance Meditations & Practices.

    * The Female Brain- Hormones- Effect & purpose

    * Consciously being With Emotion- Feminine Practices

    * Sacred Feminine Yoga- Working with Shakti/ Prana/ Lifeforce on the mat 

    * Yin Yoga practices - The Art of Deep Listening

    * Sacred  Sensual Dance- The art of Sacred Sensuality through movement

    * Healing Women's relationships to their bodies & their sexuality through Divine Feminine Dance.

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