Class Descriptions :

Ecstatic Dance :
Releases our inhibitions, unravel our body's tension & sets the spirit free, through euphoric freeform dance!! Letting go of our minds, melting open our hearts & releasing into the unbounded ecstatic source of joy that we are. Come & Dance like nobody's watching!!  

Chakra Dance :
A powerful & healing freeform dance meditation to allow the cleansing & activation of freeflowing energy through each of the 7 chakra's (energy centre's).
Cultivates an insightful & empowering, direct experience of your bodymind & cultivates potent tools for self transformation.

Taoist Dance :
Sacred dance meditation expresses freeform movement to activate all five elements within the microcosm of our bodies , minds & spirits. Releasing stagnant chi & cultivating the unobstructed free flow of lifeforce energy through the acupuncture meridians of the body. Bringing balance & harmony & empowering us with direct self knowledge, insight & keys for expanded ways of being in our life.


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