Dance of the Tao
We use specific movements & asanas / postures to tap into a direct experience of the energy system.
In Dance of the Tao, we focus on the nature of the five elements of the Tao, within our bodyminds,by utilising ancient movement & sound practices to stimulate the energy channels ( the meridians of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture system ). 

In so doing we effect the related organs & areas of the body, & we are able to feel into their related psychological & emotional states & our personal position of harmony or disharmony within them. 

We have a direct experience of the relationship of our mind & body connection, beyond the intellect. 

In this way we therefore tap into an empowering system of both diagnostic & balancing tools within ourselves & take responsibility for our own health & healing, consciously participating in our emotional & spiritual evolution.

Once we have identified & worked with what it is we wish to clear & realign in our beings with yoga practice, we then deepen the healing process by focusing our attention on the arising issue’s polarity, allowing its opposite aspect to surface, by creating an intention of how we would like ourselves to be.

We then surrender our intention to the divine will within & submerge ourselves totally & completely in inner directed dance.

By completely letting go of ego driven force, mind created will & suppressive inhibitions, we allow space for Source itself to move through us, motioning our bodies in personally appropriate ways, beyond our control.

Moving stagnation, releasing tension, tonifying & bringing energy to emptied areas, purifying our physical & energetic bodies, releasing emotions & blockages, & directly tapping into, revitalizing, renewing, aligning Source energy. 

The innate wisdom &harmony of this energy rebalances us & gives us insight into the true nature of both the illusory core beliefs connected to our imbalances, & the contrasting aligned way of being that flows in harmony with the Tao, with the Way of Spirit. 

The  practice is one of both doing & non - doing, the dance of yin & yang, & takes us on a journey to Ultimate Surrender & alignment with the Divine within.


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