'The Dance'

The music oozes into the atmosphere & creeps its way towards me

Sending those familiar intoxicating waves of honey, trickling through my blood

Tickling me at first, taunting me, waking me up

Nudging me to remember to forget

The rhythm smokes slowly through my veins

Seducing my body to surrender to her calling

My limbs stretch & yawn & open their hearts to the sweetness

The energy, like a curling fire, begins its rise from my belly

The glow of life itself begins to awaken my every cell


And the beat kicks in, deep, thick, throbbing, pulsing

My feet begin to pound into the welcoming lap of the earth

Her stillness holding me, supporting me, encouraging my let go

Melodies begin to swirl & soar above the beat

As my emotions stir & fall from the sides of the dormancy that holds them prisoner in my cells

And at once my past begins to sweat from my skins pores

Sacred sweat

Holy Water

Pouring from my soul until it cleanses me naked


And then the beat gets phatter, chunkier, cheekier, funkier

Making my hips laugh & my shoulders pop

Widening my grin, stretching my silliness

Expanding my rememberance of the ridiculousness of it all

The beat picks up now

Spiking my chaos that thirsts for the release of her frenzy

Invoking the deep surrender of my trance


The pace heightens, deepens

And begins hurtling me further, harder, fuller, richer


Until I am panting, screaming

Life exploding from my pulsating body

Smile so wide & joy so strong

Exploding in my belly & surging up my spine

That for moments I think I may burst at the seams!


And then, like a blazing wind

She picks me up & throws me into oblivion

On sweet wings of surrendered bliss

I dissolve into the All

No I, no mask, no effort, no pain, no separation

There is no me, there is no dancer, there is only this


Dance is my teacher

Dance is my salvation

Dance is my essence, it is freedom itself.


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