Class Descriptions :

Nadi Shakti Yoga :
In Nadi Shakti Yoga ,we practise traditional hatha yoga postures & consciously engage the nadi's (energy channells) activating the shakti (prana/lifeforce) within them & experientially explore the connection of our bodies & minds. Understanding that when our thoughts, beliefs & behaviours are misaligned from our true essence, that this blocks the flow of chi/prana through the channells, manifesting physically as tightness, rididity & pain, & eventually dis-ease. We consciously re-establish the unobstructed  flow of this energy, with the tools of asana, pranayama, mindfullness & directed awareness.

Yin Yoga Healing: 
In Yin Yoga Healing we explore long held therapeutic asanas that generate the flow of chi/prana through the energy channels/ meridians of the bodymind. Releasing deep layers of contraction held in the connective tissue & in the 14 main meridians that feed into all of our primary organs, we invite suppleness & flexibility into the physical body & restore harmony & balance to the mental & emotional bodies. Cultivating Mindfulness; the art of neither withdrawing from nor identifying with whatever arises, physically, psychologically & emotionally,  we allow deep release on all level of our beings, inviting integration & harmony of Body, Mind & Spirit.  

Shakti Yoga :
Is a feminine style yoga practice for women only. It is a meditative asana practice of slow, mindful, breath orientated movement, that cultivates deep embodied sensory awareness. And empowers the student to connect with  her own inner directed movement through breath, awareness & sound. Cultivating a deep sense of surrender, flow & release that allows an organic connection to Shakti, the essence of Spirit within, Stillness in Motion.

Vinyasa Flow:
Is a Moving Meditation. Each yoga posture is linked by a fluid & meditative flow, cultivating sensory awareness, and a deep state of embodied presence. Vinyasa flow balances strength & endurance with flexibility & surrender, uniting Body, Breath & Awareness, & thus Body, Mind & Spirit.

Hatha Yoga:
A slower paced, deeper & more refined practice, creating an alchemical balance of both yin & yang aspects of the body & mind. A healing combination of traditional asana, pranayama & thorough bodymind awareness.

Restorative Yoga :

Brings grounding & centring relaxation & restoration to tired bodies & minds. Deeply rejuvinating postures, held in relaxed, passive positions, supported by cushions & blankets & soothing meditative music. Encourages the calming of busy minds, unwinding of anxiety & both mental & physical tension , restoring the calm & steady healing flow of lifeforce throughout the whole system. 

Tina is currently teaching regular classes & workshops at The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.                                                               

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(Ph) +62 821 4701 7436

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