'Stillness in Motion' 

"The Alchemystic YogaDance Workshops are an amalgamation of all that i have learnt & all that i have re-membered, on the path to uncovering our deepest authentic self, in the realest, most embodied & experientially direct way.

Alchemystic YogaDance incorporates the both ancient & contemporary practices of Yoga, Sacred Dance, Meditation, & Energetic & Creative explorations. Designed to align the practitioner with the awareness of his/her bodymind & organically bring themselves into direct connection & harmony with Divine Spirit, their true essence, beyond limited perception."

Alchemystic YogaDance workshops

All of the courses have been birthed out of my intention to create DIRECT EXPERIENCES of the energy realms within the bodymind & spirit, beyond mere intellectual interpretation.

We begin by using specific movements & asanas / postures, to tap into a direct experience of the energy system. In so doing we effect the related organs & areas of the body, & we are able to feel into their related psychological & emotional states & our personal position of harmony or disharmony within them. Once we have identified & begun to work with what it is we wish to clear & realign in our beings with yoga practice, we then surrender ourselves to a higher divine will within & submerge ourselves totally & completely in inner directed dance.

By completely letting go of ego driven force, mind created will & suppressive inhibitions, we allow space for Source itself to move through us, motioning our bodies in personally appropriate ways, beyond our control. Moving stagnation, releasing tension, tonifying & bringing energy to emptied areas. Purifying our physical & energetic bodies, releasing emotions & blockages, & directly tapping into, revitalizing, renewing, aligning Source energy. The innate wisdom &harmony of this energy rebalances us & gives us insight into the true nature of both our illusory core beliefs connected to our imbalances, & the contrasting aligned way of being that flows in harmony with the truth of our essence, with the Way of Spirit.

Dance of the Devi - yoga, dance, meditation & tantric practices for women. An exploration of the Sacred feminine in practice.

Dance of the Tao- yoga, dance & sound, exploring the meridians & five elements of chinese medicine, within our bodies.

Dance of the Serpant - yoga, dance, sound , mudra, mantra, yantra , breath & meditation, exploring the chakras.     

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